Marijuana Daily Specials

Happy hour is the best hour! Many people can agree. That is why we've gone ahead and brought this idea to our dispensary! Marijuana daily specials are one of the things we believe that everyone deserves. Jake's Beyond Bud wants to go above and beyond your expectations. We offer big varieties with prices that are affordable. Our daily specials are super important and a great way for us to help people get a hold of the medicine they deserve! Give us a call for our daily specials

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Dispensary Call In Orders

We offer an amazing call in order system where you can double check to ensure we have in stock what you want. If not we can let you know when it's back in stock and give some recommendations while you wait.

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Having access to natures best natural medicine is something that we believe everyone deserves. For every ailment that you have, kush is able to help you. Having access to reliable sources for your kush is important and one of our main goals. We supply only the best kush for you and we have a large variety of strains and methods. We believe total body care is important and totally achievable with the help of natures best medicine.

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Charity Gravitt, Tulsa
They always have good quality for a good price. Very helpful in helping me find find strains for what I need. They wont lie to you about their medicine they really are genuine!
Stormy Miller , Sand Springs Oklahoma
The friendly staff are always very helpful and their knowledge is invaluable! A great place to shop...
Nicholas groves, Sand springs
Jake's Beyond bud excellent quality excellent service very friendly staff . the owner is very friendly and knowledgeable if there's an edible or a flower you want to try and she can get it for you she will really nice place to spend my money.
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